Most of the time, I wish I lived in Jim Henson’s Fantastic World

September 5th, 2008 by roblog · No Comments

If you go to D.C. between now and October 5th, do yourself the favor of suspending reality long enough to believe in puppets and go to the Smithsonian International Gallery’s exhibition Jim Henson’s Fantastic World.

I can’t really give an objective critique of this exhibition because I hold the Muppets in the same special place in my heart reserved for Calvin and Hobbes, the American Flag, going back for seconds at Thanksgiving dinner, the Washington Redskins and coming down the stairs on Christmas mornings. I love these things in a way that transcends rationality, so I’m not going to muck about in things like logic and arguments.

Therefore: go to this exhibition. See Henson’s early cartoon work. Say hello to puppets of Rowlf and Bert & Ernie. See the most touching photograph of a human/felt conversation ever taken. Also, the exhibition is far from a highbrow art exhibition–it has zany sounds, rare early videos of the Muppets, bright colored walls, and an actual do-it-yourself puppetry studio for kids, so go ahead and take children. I mean with you. (There are probably laws against taking the children at the exhibition)

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