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February 24th, 2008 · Comments Off on SPORE!

Simply put, the Spore Collective Manifesto gives me the freedom to concentrate on art instead of “art class.” For me, the manifesto changes my perspective on my work: in Sculpture I, I focused on making Good Sculpture, (the kind of sculpture that receives murmurs and nods of approval and is formally strong and says “Gee, this undergraduate student really understands how to make a sculpture.”) Now, I’m free to participate in the larger contemporary art dialogue without worrying about those murmurs and head nods and good grades and make my work say more distinct things like, “See how exciting peeing on a cigarette butt can be?”This is important because many of the most pressing issues in contemporary art might fall outside the scope of a typical liberal arts education by, say, violating the honor code* (even our celebrated “spore” is a little white lie) or at least our collective sense of Good Taste.

The dual emphasis on wonderment and risk-taking to me seems to be one goal: real wonderment incites risk-taking–how much wonder could be put into a “safe” piece? one that had all its loose ends tied up before it was even started? Wonder is pulling at a thread to see what unravels, not worrying about what will happen to the sweater if you do. I am glad that a capacity for false starts (or, to extend the metaphor, ruined sweaters) is built into the system. 

Besides, having a manifesto is so much more rock and roll.   


* What if Richard Prince had to pledge his work?

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Storm Tossed Ship (Gonna Make It To The Ocean)

February 18th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Storm Tossed Ship (Gonna Make It To The Ocean)

At the moment I have a static image, but when I revise the work I will include streaming video.

The song can be streamed or downloaded here.

My statement can be read here.

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The Mysterious Occurrences of Raccoon Self Portraiture

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