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Jeff Koons’ Puppy

January 22nd, 2008 · 11 Comments

Given that most of the conversation around the sculpture studio lately has been about animals, topiaries, large scale works and Post-Modernism, it brings to mind the ultimate confluence of all such subjects:

Jeff Koons’ Puppy

It seems that every time I bring up the topic of “Jeff Koons, My Dislike Of”¹ around a fellow Art-Viewing-Person, the response I get is something along the lines of “No matter how much you hate Jeff Koons, you have to admit, you like Puppy.”

Undeniably, Puppy is gosh-darn likable.³ It’s also a good example of how monumental scale can add a sense of magic to an otherwise uninspired idea. (Claes Oldenburg probably made the best use out of this principle). On the other hand, Puppy can emblemize gimmick and the vapidity of the artistic vanguard of the last twenty years.

On the other, other hand, who criticizes a giant flower dog?


¹ A little known fact about me: I index and cross reference all conversational topics. Really.²

² Not really.

³ So likable, in fact, that I predict that in the year 2019, the likability of Puppy will be used to distinguish human beings from the robot-people, who will then be killed by Harrison Ford, blade runner.

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