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Okay, Finally I Have Baroque’n The Silence

November 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

So, because of my extended absence from posting on UMW blogs, I’m sure all kinds of rumors have started swirling about what could possibly be the cause of this negligence. Am I looking for WMDs in Iran? Have I been singlehandedly commissioned to replace the entire screenwriters union? Am I testing the waters for a possible Presidential run?

Well, the answer to all of those reasonable questions is no; there is only one thing important enough, serious enough, change-your-life-and-make-you-run-off-to-see-the-Maharashi enough, to tear me away from UMW blogs, and that, my friends, is painting myself in a Rusty Wallace t-shirt:

Rusty Wallace

This is the first of three major paintings for my Caravaggio individual study, and I will be discussing it, and others Monday at 5 PM in Melchers 107 as part of the Professional Practices In Studio Art Annual Presentations.

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